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A 48-page picture book and a Tool kit to use it in classroom. The book was originally published by Trocaire, Ireland.

Farid is a 9-year-old boy living in Bangladesh. His cousin is visiting from Ireland! In preparation, Farid journeys around Dhaka to collect flowers, fish and blankets. On the way, the rickshaw driver shares some of his experiences which give insight into his life outside the city and prove helpful to Farid in his errands. But an accident brings home how quickly life can change – and a surprise visit shows Farid that there are other kinds of links between Ireland and Bangladesh.

The teacher can use the book + tool kit in different ways: 1) just read the book with pupils (1-2 hours); 2) read the book step by step and combine it with 9 lesson from the t-kit (it can take up to 10 hours; 3) make 1 week/1 month project based on the story and lessons

The t-kit contains a set of 9 lessons: 1. Looking at settings, 2. Looking at characters, 3. Looking at plot, 4. Looking at motive, 5. Looking at themes - trade, 6. Looking at themes - climate change, 7. Looking at themes - migration, 8. Looking at themes - human rights, 9. Looking at themes - writing

Author: Trocaire

Year: 2016

Languages: Czech

Typology of education resource : Book and Tool kit

GCE Issues: Diversity issues

Author: Trocaire

Methodology: group work, reading/writing exercices; critical thinking; exploring/playing; creative work

Age range: 7-11

Link to website: Book: https://www.varianty.cz/globalschools/faridova-jizda-riksou and Too-Kit: https://www.varianty.cz/globalschools/faridova-jizda-riksou