The publication offers an overview of different learning units developed directly by teachers with the help of experts, from both Trentino and Marche, Italy. Materials are highly context-related but at the same time extremely flexible, so to allow other teachers to use and adapt them. Learning units are described in their implementation, except for two that are presented in detail with all materials and attachments, so to directly inspire teachers.

Author: CCI and CVM

Year: 2018

Languages: Italian

Typology of education resource : Collection of learning units with methodological notes and user's guide

GCE Issues: GCE issues

Author: CCI and CVM

Specific sub-thematic area(s): environment, human rights, diversity, sustainability,

Key word(s):

Tags: democracy democracy , diversity diversity , environment environment , human rights human rights , peace peace , Sustainability Sustainability

School subject(s)/field(s) of studies in which the educational resource can be used: trans-curricular

Activity’ objectives:

The Work Units help teachers in planning learning processes by defining target competencies as well as methods and instruments fitting to the scope

Methodology: serveral active methodologies

Age range: 6-13

Duration: depending from single units

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