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Every day we have to do with it and usually we throw it thoughtlessly away: paper. Every fifth tree is cut for paper. A large part of our paper is manufactured in Austria. Nevertheless, 30% comes from countries such as Canada, Russia and China.

But how is paper produced? Since when do we use it and why is it so important? What about the old paper? How do I find myself in the jungle of certifications? And what can I do sustain this important material?
In this lesson, five different exercises are presented, with the help of which children from 6 to 10 years get to know the topic from different perspectives. All exercises follow the principle of global learning and are interactive and experience-oriented.

Author: Südwind

Year: 2017

Languages: German

Typology of education resource : 6 learning units

GCE Issues: Environment

Author: Südwind

Specific sub-thematic area(s): Responsible use of resources, Responsible consumption

Key word(s):

Tags: environment environment , environmental education environmental education , paper paper , trees trees

School subject(s)/field(s) of studies in which the educational resource can be used: German, Maths, Science

Activity’ objectives:

  • The students know where paper comes from originally.
  • They recognise the importance of this invention for humankind.
  • The students understand that reading and writing can be done thanks to the use of paper.
  • They acknowledge the environmental cost of the use of paper

Pupils’ learning competences (SUBJECT- specific) addressed: Comparing information, Discussing

Pupils’ learning competences (CGE) addressed: Expressing opinions and sharing different points of view

Methodology: Cooperative-learning, Debate, Game and Mediation

Age range: 6-10

Duration: 1-2 hours each unit

Link to website: https://www.suedwind.at/fileadmin/user_upload/suedwind/Bilden/Downloads-files_Downloads-Teaser/Vom_Wald_zum_Blatt-sc2.pdf